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Things are not as bad as we sometimes anticipate

I admit it. As much as I teach stress-busting strategies, I'm chicken to go to the dentist. I've had some pretty bad experiences there the most recent being a couple of years ago when I had my mouth and nose covered and couldn't breathe. The dentist and assistant had stepped out leaving me with a thing anchored to my mouth that I couldn't take off. Can you say panic attack?

Since then, I'm even worse at the dentist. This past week I had an appointment to make a flipper tooth because they're going to pull one out soon. I was a wreck because I thought I would have to hold this goop in my mouth for a long time to make an impression. Sounds easy but my brain got wired for fear that day a few years ago and I had to be prepared. I gathered my usual batch of stress-busting strategies (check them out in my Frazzled to Freedom: 30 Days to a More Stress-Free You program) and valiantly sauntered in. I was ready. Know what? It was a breeze! Turns out the process for this was easy. Yes, they had to make impressions - 3 of them - but they each took a little less than 2 minutes! Yippee!


Hasn't something similar happened in your business? You put off doing something you need to do or think would be good for your business because you think it's going to be too hard, too expensive, too time consuming. I did that on a simple scale with the mouse for this computer. I've never been good at the one on the laptop so I've used an external one. My computer was giving me trouble, jumping around, the mouse not doing it's job. One day it hit me that all I really needed to do was probably get a new mouse. Everything changed - this one has a smaller insert into the USB which makes it better for lugging the laptop from coffee shop to coffee shop and everything is now smooth and easy. Why did I wait?

What are you waiting for? Do you need to get onto social media? Do you need a website? Do you need to get a bit of training, get a logo made (I got this one made at for only $5.50) get an intern? Just do's probably easier and less stressful than you think. And if I can help, just let me know. I'm aat

Til then, keep shining!

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