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Social Media


You have a website.  That's great...but unfortunately these days, it's not enough.  You also have to have a presence on social media.  But which one?  How often must you post something?  What do you post?  Is it hard to do if you're not a techie?


These are the questions that many solopreneur women ask themselves. They know their business but they often feel at a loss when it comes to the basics of social media.  They need help.


We can help.  We can sit with you and get you set up on the social media sites that best suit you and your business.  We can teach you how to do it yourself so that your business shines online.  Or we can post for you on a regular basis if that is what best suits your time and schedule.


Let us know what you need and we'll decide the ideal social media plan for you and your business.

Basic Facebook Ads


You've heard that people advertise on Facebook but you have no idea where to start for you business.  Reach out to your demographics with a basic Facebook ad and see your advertising dollars go far.

We can help you create your ad and target the people who most want to buy your product.  

Doodle Videos

Everybody loves a Doodle or Whiteboard video but where can you find one for your business and can you afford it?  Here's one website pricing the video and explaining how valuable they are.

We can do the same for a lot less.  Check out the video to the right which became a Facebook ad for Kaleidoscope Theatre.

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