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As a solopreneur woman, it's often challenging to find people you can count on for the support you need.  We love what we do but there's often a huge list of things we must have for our businesses that are out of our comfort zone. We have unique challenges that only another solopreneur woman understands.  That's where the community aspect of comes into play.


The goal is as follows:

  •  to establish local Meet-Up groups where solopreneur women can meet on a regular basis to support and encourage each other while sharing ideas and connections 

  • to expand these to include Skype or Google Plus Meet-ups 

  • to blog about lessons learned with the invitation to the community to participate and share their experiences

  • to create a membership site where solopreneur women can interact with each other that also lists beneficial services and products 

  • to create a list of other solopreneur women businesses so that we might help each other grow and thrive


Meet-Up dates and events will be posted here as will updates on the progress of the other resources to build our community.





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