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"Females have emerged in the field of entrepreneurship, and have proven that they are here to stay. Currently, 55% of businesses launched in the United States are launched and run by women (Statistical Abstract of the United States Census Bureau, 2007).


Women are launching businesses at a rapid rate, and many women are doing so without assistance. Female solo entrepreneurs are launching their own ventures and dreams without the help of business partners or teams."

Female solo entrepreneurs: A phenomenological study
by Shediak, Kimberly J., Ed.D., PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY, 2014,


You joined the ranks of Solopreneur Women - an exciting, exhilarating, often exhausting adventure.


How do I know?
Because I'm one too. 


For years, I did it all on my own.  Learned how to do things I should have had others do, made all my decisions by myself.  Not any more. Not when there are others out there to share the journey with.


I created this site for you!  The goal? To create a community of like-minded women, to share what we've learned and to offer services and/or training for those things you don't have time to do but need for your business. 


Marianne Douglas





Kahlua Beach Club
Kahlua Beach Club

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Strategies for Success Program
Strategies for Success Program

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Sakonnet Pottery Ornaments
Sakonnet Pottery Ornaments

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Kahlua Beach Club
Kahlua Beach Club

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