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Awards and Recognition 


  • Recognized as a "Hero" by the Oprah Wiinfrey Show

  • Jefferson Award Recipient

  • Service Award from Rhode Island College

  • National Finalist Cable in the Classroom Leaders in Learning

  • Outstanding Educator

  • Teacher of the Year


About Marianne Douglas

Marianne is a lifelong entrepreneur and teacher.  From her yearly childhood lemonade stand to her current business Horizon Enterprises, Marianne has been keenly interested in entrepreneurship as well as teaching others what she has learned along the way.


Her career has always been a split between the two passions - business and education.  She was a multiple award-winning high school teacher honored for creating the Strategies for Success Program for teens that truly revolutionized the school.  She was recognized both locally and nationally for the positive results her students achieved and for the changes that occured in the school at large once this program was implemented.


She was the co-founder and first president of the Bristol Theatre Company and former CEO and co-founder of Horizon Aviation, a flight school based at TF Green Airport in Rhode Island.  She has served on the board of directors of the East Chamber of Commerce and Kaleidoscope Theatre which she currrently advises as a consultant.


She created Horizon Enterprises several years ago to share the Strategies for Success program and its positive messages globally working with high schools, colleges, businesses and in her own seminars. As a solopreneur working from home, she had to navigate the tricky waters of stepping full time into the business world after spending most of her career in the educational community.  She took on the challenge, learning how to do every step herself - web design, social networking, marketing, creating passive income streams and much more.  


She started creating simple, effective websites for her female  friends (and a few male ones) who were also solopreneurs, helping them get the online presence they needed but didn't know how to achieve.  That led to business coaching with them on a variety of topics, how-to seminars and ultimately the creation of online courses that women could fit into their busy schedules.


Marianne continues to offer the Strategies for Success program to schools through that website and live seminars but devotes most of her time to other passion: helping fellow solopreneur women navigate their journey in the most positive, exciting and fulfilling way possible.

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