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Business Coaching


You know that being a solopreneur woman is daunting on many fronts whether you work from home or at an established business location.  Some of your challenges include:


  • having someone to be accountable to that will keep you on track

  • keeping the balance between staying motivated and not being overwhelmed by all your have to do

  • knowing what's next for your business

  • figuring out what the right online presence is for your business


We can help you.  We offer many topics and formats to help you with the variety of strategies to help you::


  • grow your business 

  • set up an accountability system to be sure you stay on track

  • learn some of the online tools that will help let the world know about your business

  • manage the stress involved in being a solopreneur woman


How does it work?

Depends on what you need.  From online seminars to group training and mastermind groups to personal coaching, we will help you find what works best for you and your business.  


For example, if stress is something that you're dealing with frequently, you might sign up for the online course Frazzled to Freedom: 30 Days to a More Stress-free You.  You'll get a mini lesson a day for 30 days to help you create a less stressed,  more positive life which will help you both professionally and personally.


How-to classes will be offered on a variety of topics either live or online.  Topics such as:


  • How to create an affiliate program for your business

  • How to use affiliate links on your own website to generate passive income

  • How to make a Doodle Video

  • How to use your iPad to make video for your website

  • How to use memes on Pinterest to market your business (see the post on the blog for January 29th to see how Pinterest can help)

  • How to set up a merchant account that meets all your needs

  • and much more


Mastermind groups are clusters of soloentrepeneur women who gather on a regular basis guided by Marianne to learn a new skill and brainstorm solutions to problems.


Private coaching is available for all services.  Marianne will work 1:1 with you to teach you a skill, set up goals with accountability check in, or to help brainstorm solutions to the problems that arise as a solopreneur woman.



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