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How a silly game can be a great life lesson!

Are you someone who plays one of those games on Facebook or on your Ipad or other tablet? I do occasionally, usually at the end of the day before I go to bed. They're nice to unwind with. But they're also great models for life. Why? Because embedded in them are little mini lessons. Here's the most recent one I found.

I've been playing Bubble Witch Saga for a bit, a fairly mindless game. There are only four possible goals in this game: to clear the top of the screen, to free the ghost, to save the animals or to defeat Morgana (I guess she's the Witch). As the levels increase there are more and more obstacles along the way towards whatever goal is in that round. Sort of like life. As you get older, there are more challenges and responsibilities and more goals to strive for. Like the game, you develop strategies as you go forward, strategies to help you navigate those obstacles and put you in the best position for success. The same is certainly true for a solopreneur woman.

Recently I was stuck at a certain level in the game. I couldn't figure out why. It seems I was clearing the required 6 spaces at the top but I wasn't free. My first thought was it must have been a fault in the program. After all, I was doing it right. Or was I? As I started the game for the upteenth time, I realized I had been going for the wrong goal. I was trying to clear the top when I should have been trying to save the animals. Once I had the correct goal in mind, it was easy to apply all the strategies I had developed over the span of time of playing the game and I easily saved those little creatures!

So what's the lesson for me and for all of us solopreneur women? Every now and then we have to check in on our goals. I know I've had to do this with my business several times because what I was aiming for didn't necessarily work. I began Horizon Enterprises to share the multiple award -winning Strategies for Success program that changed my school. It took a full year to write the book/curriculum during which the climate of education was changing. The focus was not on empowering students to be successful. It was generating high test scores.

I had to do what many of you must do. I had to look at that goal which was to get my program in schools around the country and shift. I took the same information that I had been teaching teens (which actually came from the adult world originally) and reconfigured it into speeches, seminars and online programs for adults. I also taught myself website and internet marketing for myself and to generate income by helping other solopreneur women get online.

Have you checked into your goals for your business (or for your personal life) lately? Maybe it's time to take another peek.

Til next time....keep shining!

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