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Welcome fellow women solopreneurs!

It's time for all of us who travel this path to find and support each other! As solo women entrepreneurs, we deal with unique challenges. I've had several careers in my life time including owning a flight school with an amazing partner. Owning a business on my own has been one of my greatest adventures.

As solopreneur women, we must do everything:

  • Find a way to balance our lives with the responsibilities that women traditionally carry

  • Handle all aspects of our business - legal, financial, marketing, sales, employees

  • Either learn how to do the things the business needs such as creating a viable website or pay someone to do it for us, both options difficult especially when starting out

  • Figure out which social media outlets work best for our business and how much time we should spend on them

  • Constantly be up to date on the latest technology and how it applies to our business

  • Find time for every day life - family, significant other, fun

  • Find the time to take care of ourselves

The journey for me has been many things - exhilarating, exhausting, confusing, challenging. I've done many things the hard way, redirected my business several times, learned how to do almost everything myself and gone through some huge successes and some very low times.

But the best part is I've learned a great deal over the past few years. One of my greatest joys has been sharing what I've learned with other women business owners while helping them connect with each other both professionally and personally.

This blog and the corresponding website provide the chance to:

  • teach other women solopreneurs how to do some of the things I've learned

  • offer a variety of services to other solopreneur women - website design, social media setup, business coaching

  • connect with other like minded soloprener women online and potentially with local meet up groups for those in the same locatio

  • support others with the positive strategies I've been teaching

What's next for you if this resonates with you?

  • Sign up to receive the newest blog post automatically

  • Share your thoughts by commenting on the posts

  • Pass this on to your fellow solopreneur women

See you next time! Until then...Keep Shining!

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