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The story of the pearls...


When I read the book "Managing Thought" by Mary Lore, she talked about how if we wanted to make our lives a certain way, we needed to create specific moments to match what we were going for.  Want a healthier body?  Create healthier moments.  Want a more loving life?  Create as many loving moments  as you can.


That got me thinking.  I'm always looking for. creative ways to explain concepts in my seminars and this opened up a new way of looking at the power of positivity - something I'm known for.  Moments to me became pearls because each moment is all we have, each moment is so precious. If we want a positive life, one filled with joy and beauty and happiness, we need to create moments that are pearls so that we create something beautiful to call our own.


I stretched that concept to think about the darker thoughts we all occasionally have.  I thought of black pearls strung together, a choker necklace choking the joy out of life.  Fashion aside, not a piece of jewelry I want in my collection!


I know what I would like...a beautiful necklace full of beautiful gems. Wouldn't you?

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