Join the Movement.  Get involved.  

We can't do this alone.  If we want to positively impact our culture,
we need your help. 
Shine a light on someone in your community who is making a difference.  It could be the corner grocery clerk, the mailman, a teacher, a business that is doing great work.  You get to decide who receives your card.
It could even go to a friend or relative. 
Here's how it works.  
Order your STARter pack of 20 cards for $5 here
(You spread the word...we'll pay the postage!)

When you've decided who to give the card to, find the right time and hand the card over saying something like this, "We're part of a national organization that likes to recognize people for good deeds and great attitudes.  This is for you!"
What happens next?  
Prepare to be thanked.  Pre-Covid, maybe even hugged.  
Because we all want to be noticed, to know that we matter.  
So often we think good things about people but don't let them know.
Now you have a lasting way to let them know you appreciate them.
There's never been a better time to thank those who have made a difference in our lives in so many ways, especially this past year!